At Energy Innovators Council, our mission is to serve, support, and connect digital innovation leaders.

Energy Innovation Council (EIC) is the learning, recognition, and support community for these transformative thought leaders. The first and only professional nonpartisan forum, we are focused solely on providing a select group of innovation leaders the support to drive a winning change across our energy infrastructure, both nationally and globally.

Digitization in Energy: What’s Next?

“The race for digital innovation in energy is on to drive margins and improve operational efficiencies at scale.”

Energy Innovators Council is the leading community where you can discuss the big challenges and find solutions, including;

  • Are you ready to build your digital roadmap and adapt your company to a changing world?
  • Do you have an action plan and benchmarks for becoming more adept at the digital technology revolution and benefiting from it across the enterprise?
  • How to Drive the Digital Mindset and learn about how and why to integrate the key technologies that are shaping the digital transformation in energy?
  • How to successfully align your Digitization Strategy with your Business Strategy to create the greatest impact?

Why join?

We are often asked: “What is the Energy Innovators Council?”
The answer is simple: We are the world’s only professional association dedicated to the advancement of digital technology and innovation in energy. We support thought-leaders across all disciplines and sectors to address technology challenges in energy.

The next question is always … "why should I join?"

That answer is simple, too: Members receive access to the content, experts, support and resources they need to keep abreast of developments at the leading edge of energy technology and digital innovation...

What does it cost, and who is paying to support the EIC?

There is no charge to become a member of EIC, you only need to submit the form and meet qualification standards for membership.  EIC is supported by partners and non-profits to encourage the growth of digital innovation and technology across the energy industry.

What are the qualifications for membership in EIC?

EIC is comprised of senior leadership from energy companies across the globe. You must be a Director, VP or C-Level thought leader who is responsible for devising/planning digital innovation strategies or executing technology strategies for digital innovation throughout the enterprise or your area of business operations.

What are the benefits of membership?

You can see all of the benefits right here.

How can I get others from my organization to join?

Please send them the link to EIC or you can contact the EIC Director, Sean Guerre, to simplify having your senior leadership team apply to join together.

Discover all that EIC membership has to offer ... Apply to JOIN the Energy Innovators Council.


If you have questions, set up time for a brief call with the EIC Director.