BIC Magazine: EIC serves, supports, connects digital innovation leaders

To meet increasing demands for growth, efficiency and evolution, energy companies have added the new roles of chief innovation officer, chief digital officer, chief transformation officer and chief strategy officer, as well as senior leadership teams for these rapidly evolving and strategically vital new areas of focus.

However, “digital innovation success” is hard to achieve without supporting content, best practices, experimentation and peer dialogue. As energy executives are tasked to push the boundaries of digital evolution, a professionally coordinated support effort is critical for fundamental transformation.

The Energy Innovators Council (EIC), powered by InnovateEnergy, is the first and only dedicated community of leaders in the energy industry who drive digital technology and innovation in their companies.

“EIC is composed of senior leadership from energy companies across the globe, including directors, VPs and C-level thought leaders who are responsible for devising digital innovation strategies or executing technology strategies for digital innovation,” said Sean Guerre, managing director of InnovateEnergy. “Our mission is to serve, support and connect digital innovation leaders. Members can be a part of any area of the energy industry.”

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